Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Rainy Days - (Perfect) Raincoat Review

If there is one thing I have learnt since becoming a mother, it's that you can't be fussy about going out in the rain any more. The best thing to do in this lovely British weather is to embrace the rain, channel your inner duck and have fun! Children love the rain, jumping in puddles, catching raindrops and we should too! It is nice to keep a bit dry though, there's nothing worse than that soaked to the bone feeling when you get home, or unleashing the frizz ball of humidity that is my hair! 

The humble trench coat is every woman's classic wardrobe staple, they are so versatile and flattering. If you can find one that does the job in the rain, fits well and suits you, it's definitely a keeper!

I was kindly sent this beautiful Macey Magenta trench coat from a company called Happy Rainy Days - truly experts in a fashionable and rather beautiful range of rain wear. Isn't it a beaut? I love the fact they also sell a matching fisherman style rain hat to this coat - what an absolute classic! The colour of this coat is something I would not have braved before, but now as you have probably guessed by my hair - I am falling in love with colour and confidence and this coat was the perfect match!

I have very chunky arms so coats can be quite difficult to buy - this coat was very generous on the upper arm and I had no issues even over a couple of layers, as anyone who also has wings a la bingo knows, this is a rarity when it comes to coat shopping! When I first opened the coat I was struck by the quality of the fabric. It is super soft to the touch, despite being waterproof and wind-proof it doesn't make you over heated as it is totally breathable. The cotton lining is amazing and the detailing makes this coat really special. This coat is a perfect fit for me and pulls in nicely at the waist with the matching belt which is super long to make a nice bow or leave hanging to the side. You could add your own belt of a contrasting colour if you wanted a slightly different look. The best thing about this for me is that it has a hood - I've never found a nice trench with a hood and I love having one. I don't straighten my hair just to have it looking like I've stuck my fingers in a plug socket after walking the dog in a drizzle!

I feel lovely in this coat and it kept me bone dry on our rainy walk. (Photos taken in better weather for obvious reasons!) The hood folds up nicely so its not over my eyes and buttons off when I don't want it - or want a more sleek look maybe for an evening out (what are they again?). This is the perfect all year round coat and can be layered up for colder weather or just popped on for a spring walk. The main thing I have to shout about with this coat is the quality, every detail is perfect and it is extremely well made as well as functional. I loved the little details like the extra fastening at the neck and sleeve for a perfect fit. A big thumbs up from this magenta mama!

Happy Rainy Days do a huge range of rain wear from funky rain capes to hats. The trench coats are my absolute favourite though but here are some of my other favourites from their current collections;

If you are a little more adventurous with your clothing, you will love their selection of bright and patterned rain capes - perfect for festivals and throwing on for walks. They look a little ghostly here but look amazing on! 

There are so many styles, colours and shapes available from Happy Rainy Days, that I am sure everyone would find their perfect fit for autumn. If you'd like to see the full range they have on offer ,you can visit their website here.

What do you think - do you love the classic trench coat too or are you more of a rain cape crusader?

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Disclosure - I was sent this item in return for an honest review, all words and images are my own and I really really love this raincoat!