Thursday, August 06, 2015

Grahams Skincare - Review

A has suffered with eczema since he was born. It settled down quite quickly, but for the last two years we have had to be really careful to make sure we apply creams all over and use super gentle products, or it really flares up. Hearing him scratch and wake constantly with his itching is awful, so we try to keep on top of it for all our sakes. We have been using a regular prescribed cream which seems to keep his skin in a pretty good way, but he does itch a lot in the night still, especially on his arms, legs and around his mouth where he can be partial to dry spots.

We were contacted recently and asked to review some skincare products from an Australian skincare company called Grahams. I jumped at the chance to trial these products after reading a little more about the company and their products.

Grahams skincare are pretty new to the UK but are a best-selling brand in Australia, specialising in products to treat eczema, psoriasis and other sensitive skin conditions. The items we were sent to trial were the Natural Shampoo, as well as the Calendulis Plus Cream. The full range of products and ingredients can be found on their website, The prices vary, but the sizes of product are good value for money, particularly with the results that they have provided.

I have taken some time to write this review as I wanted to ensure that the results we had experienced were long lasting and not down to any other factors or products. I have not been disappointed with the results, especially with A's skin and scalp.

Natural Shampoo

Firstly, the shampoo which is made of all natural and organic ingredients that are specifically designed to soothe and refresh itchy and irritated scalps. This product has the nicest baby bath kind of scent and really washes and refreshes the hair well. I suffer from a very itchy scalp and it gets really sore unless it is washed really regularly, which isn't always possible with such long thick hair and two young children to contend with. I found that this shampoo really soothed my scalp and I could leave washes longer without getting quite so itchy and irritated in the middle. My son had been noticeably itching his head too which has hugely decreased and his scalp has improved. There is also a conditioner available which I imagine would be equally as effective and gentle.

Calendulis Plus Cream

Next for the cream which contains calendula extract, manuka honey and emu oil. These ingredients are hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial too, all added to help soothe and nourish even sore skin. I have been pretty blown away with this cream to be honest!

Previous to this trial, A's skin was just irritating, mentally and physically. He would itch through the night until his skin was sore, if we didn't apply cream generously at least once a day he would come up in itchy bumps like a toad and get really frustrated. Since using this plus cream his skin has visibly cleared up, if we missed a day or two the effect wasn't as noticeable as normal and he can go a long time now without applying the cream, it has really helped! We still have the odd night where he will get itchy, but it can be instantly soothed with the cream and the effects really last for us. 

When I initially opened the cream I was surprised to see the colour of the cream, an unexpected brown - and it also smelt a bit like coco butter. I wasn't blown away by the smell personally - but the cream is really lovely to apply. A really good thing about this cream was that it was clear to see where it had already been applied, a huge advantage over other regular brands with white creams that go vanish instantly on the skin. I was able to ensure all areas required were covered. The cream lasts really well too and although the price tag may look high compared to some off the shelf products, it works, it lasts - and it does what it needs to, so I would say it is well worth it.

The cream we trialed retails at £13.95 for a 50g tube and the shampoo at £11.99 for 250ml. If you have lived with the itching of irritated skin or a child with a skin condition, then you will not be disappointed with these products or the price tag. Grahams also sell bath oil, soap and a child specific eczema cream. Full product details and a little more information about Grahams themselves can be found on their website.

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We were gifted these products in exchange for an honest review - al thoughts are my own.