Sunday, August 09, 2015

Keeping Motivated: August Weightloss

This post has been a while in the writing. I have had so much to do, an amazing holiday, two babies to keep running and a disastrous mess of a house to try and maintain. I gained a little weight lately (oopsie) after my great loss with Slim-Fast! I went on holiday afterwards and ate like it was going out of fashion, it was most enjoyable, but the snacking has continued on and off since I got back - last week was mostly good though. It is so hard to shake off the bad habits.

It may only be August, but Christmas will soon be upon us and I want to lose a good chunk before then. I want to be a slinky Mrs Santa this year! I'm not sure on exact numbers as I have been avoiding the scales, but another 7lbs before Christmas should be more than doable and totally achievable! I started my weight loss venture last August, and properly in October when I began Weight Watchers. I have never really been too strict, I have a treat regularly and we love our pizza in this house! I have lost near to four stone and although that is great, I am still weighing in as 'obese' with my BMI and I live for the day I see the word 'healthy' on that calculator, so the venture continues. I could really do with losing the same over the next year but I try not to focus on a huge goal like that so early on.

My goals for July were to lose a pound per week which I did (and then some), try some new recipes - we did have some new things like BBQ tikka skewers and stuffed aubergines which was great. As I was on the Slim-Fast challenge for two weeks, I didn't really need to do much meal planning, I really enjoyed that side of it! The last goal was to plan my meals though and I have been planning when needed - we also plan really well for our food shops so we literally waste nothing each week, money saving too. I also had a trial subscription to the Mummy Workouts website last month, where I was able to access online workout classes with a live instructor, such a good idea and I really enjoyed them. Once I settle in a work rota I will be signing up as it fits so well into my day. There is still a couple of weeks left on my competition, you could win a 4 month membership for yourself - just click here.

For August I am taking it pretty easy on the goal front. I want to keep motivated but with so much going on and my doctor still trying to work out what's going on with me, I want it easy. My goal for August will simply be to lose half a pound a week and keep as active as possible. I will be trying to stick to having a weekly cheat day (this works so well for me), up my salad intake and try and shake off this sweet tooth that has once again reared its ugly head. Hopefully I can get a little more on track for the coming weeks, and hammer some decent loss in September - no excuses.

So that's it for this month. A little late but better than never! Good luck to anyone else out there trying to get healthy, it's not easy! 

Me today - feeling slightly fluffy - but good!

Thanks for reading,

A slightly healthier Wafflemama