Sunday, August 09, 2015

I Love My Home - One Man's Junk...

I know it's a bit of a stereotype as a woman, but I really love shopping. Admittedly, I am a total shopaholic, just a slightly badly off one that spends more time dreaming about and virtual shopping than physically doing it! Even nipping to the shop for milk excites me - I just love the whole process of buying - weird much? I love getting pretty things for our house and although at the moment we need to clear out more than buy in, I can't resist having a peek at whats on offer, making a mental note of what to buy in future and looking for beautiful unique things. I was so excited today to find something beautiful in a skip dumped by a neighbour, one mans junk is definitely a Wafflemama's treasure!

Here is my skip find - I absolutely love it and how good does it look in our kitchen! I can't believe anyone would bin something so lovely. These are antique Salter scales and they work really well too. This has really spurred me on to go and sneak a peak in some of the local junk shops, it's all so cheap up here - one bonus of living in the Midlands! The only thing better than shopping to a shopaholic like me, beautiful things that are free!

Today while we were out and about we took a trip to Dunelm where I spied a couple of goodies for my home wish list! I absolutely adore this clock, it's just like the one in the Groundhog Day film. Life can be a little groundhog dayish at times so it would fit really well.

I treated myself to some nautical cotton tea towels, because I know how to live and I am totally rock and row (get it? row like a boat, nautical... OK it was bad)! These were half price in the sale. Gradually trying to tackle the clutter in the house and getting there very slowly, so that's my job sorted for this week.

Just look at them - aren't they just perfect? Have you been shopping for your home recently? I'd love to know what other people are buying and what styles people like.

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