Monday, August 17, 2015

The New You Plan - Intro

As I mentioned recently in my mid month update, I was approached by a meal replacement company to trial their plan. The company is 'The New You Plan' and I agreed to trial this diet for two weeks, committing myself to the plan 100%. I was soon contacted by a lovely guy called Grant who called me to put together my order and meal plans. I was really impressed with the products available and the variety of flavours on offer. This was something I felt lacking from other similar diets I have read about.

We soon agreed (after a lovely chat) what I would be eating alongside weight loss drinks and lots of water and I was shortly emailed to say my order including food, drinks and snacks for two weeks had been dispatched. I am really excited to start this plan, the results sound amazing and it seems really simple to follow. The service and support on offer from the very first step is like nothing I have experienced before. It feels like you already have a great selection of people there for you and egging you on for success - a great start. I was also sent a journal to write in, that gets you to focus on the positives and shake off any old habits and emotions that have led to your weight gain - fab. The whole thing feels so personal and happy, I love the style of this brand and their positive attitudes - really inspiring!

My food parcel arrived and it is pretty immense! I was surprised to see everything comes in sachet form with the exception of the snacks which I have hidden away. I have already tried the maple pancakes for today's breakfast and an omelette for lunch, both of which have been surprisingly tasty! The food is just for me and is to last me the next two weeks. On the plan I am allowed 4 meals per day (as my weight is under 17 stone) as well as four snacks over the week, 2-4 litres of water per day and some fat burning pineapple juice drinks. The key to this diet is to get your body into 'ketosis' which means it's running off it's own fat stores for energy. This is the safest and fastest way to lose weight healthily and can give some pretty amazing results which I hope I can also achieve. Mr. Waffle is extremely supportive and will be using these two weeks to be good himself - which will be a huge help. The kids have a good varied diet but obviously a few treats and snacks that I will have to avoid. Luckily this plan does include sweet snacks and some salt & vinegar crisps which are my all time favourite - so it sounds like I will be able to feel full whilst also satisfying my cravings at harder times.

I was told that the first 2-3 days can be really hard and you can feel pretty tired. This is something I am used to lately so it won't come as a shock to the system luckily - one bonus to a teething baby and a husband and son with night terrors perhaps? Otherwise, the plan has been well explained and so far the information has been very well communicated with excellent customer service and I have been really impressed with the variety available. The proof as they say is in the pudding (mmm pudding) and I will have to see what the food is like and what the portions are like too, as I use a lot of energy in my day. Drinking extra water though will be a great habit to get into and I think this will help me get that into my day more permanently.

I will write a full review after my two weeks, as well as a short update and weigh in after week one. At this point I have no idea really what to expect - I know everyone's body reacts differently and I can only hope I will be one of those 'wow' stories after my two weeks! If I can button my work trousers up comfortably after the trial - I will be one happy Mama.

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Disclosure - I have been given a two week trial in exchange for an honest review - all thoughts and words are my own.