Friday, August 07, 2015

The Fashion Undateables: #StyleJarrod

House of Fraser are currently running an amazing competition that involves styling a hopelessly undateable male to make him fully date worthy. I chose to work with Jarrod, as I thought the other candidate; Melvin, actually looked pretty cool! That probably says a lot about some of the tragic items in my winter wardrobe...

Above a rather warm looking Melvin is Jarrod, my choice to makeover for his special date. It looks like I got here just in time, he could do with a little help to say the least. Oh dear. I'd like to think those glasses are a joke of some kind and the hat he has on would be fine for some people (would it?) but completely not his style regardless. The top is just plain dull and doing nothing for him. Would you agree?

Jarrod is pretty easy on the eye and has beautiful skin. He obviously has a good sense of humour - just look at those glasses, as well as a slightly alternative style looking at his hat, so I will try and retain that identity - but in a slightly cooler and less 'Lily Savage' spectacled way. I think we need to funk him up a bit and give him a large dose of Wafflemama magic, with the help of House Of Fraser and their brilliant men's clothing department.

The perfect date for this scenario is a little city pub, nowhere too quiet/noisy, with a few drinks, a jukebox to break the ice and some games of pool to play very very badly at - just like my first date with Mr. Waffle in fact. I will be styling Jarrod accordingly!

I do love a makeover!

I always prefer casual clothes that show a bit of personality and style, over a stuffy shirt and trousers. On a date Jarrod will feel more comfortable in more casual attire too which will keep him relaxed and happy. I love colour and pattern in clothing and love it when people stand out in a crowd like Jarrod clearly tries to - that confidence is something special and says that you are you and nobody else. I want to keep Jarrod looking cool but maybe save the whacky patterns and colours for later dates (when she is already hooked). 

For starters I would put Jarrod in a bold block colour tee like this gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger crew neck slim fit beauty. The colour will look gorgeous against his skin tone and the skinny fit will show off his hard work in the gym.

I would pair this with classic worn denim Levis jeans and a pair of sweet New Balance trainers to give him that bit of a fresh edgy style. To add a bit of individuality to his look, I would get Jarrod to rock some aviators and as he looks damn good in hats, something a little more him like this beaut of a tweed flat cap.

The classic grey hoodie from Fly53 ties in the whole look and of course I don't want him to be late for his date - so I'd bling it up with an awesome bargain of a watch from Superdry.

A massive improvement I think! What do you think folks, would our Jarrod look good for his lady?

This post and collection has been put together as my entry for the House Of Fraser 'Fashion Undatables' competition. I have incoorporated some of my favourite brands at my local HOF store and really hope I win so I can see Jarrod in my chosen get up! - wish me luck...

Thanks for reading,