100 Happy Days - Day 100

I've loved joining in the 100 happy days craze and finding a piece of happiness in each day, even the ones that have been hard or tiring. These past 100 days have flown by and doing this has been so lovely - making me realise what a happy life we lead. This will be so good to look back on for me and if you'd like to see my 100 days in a nutshell, you can see them here. I just need another project now!

Today was a good day, although I am utterly shattered and really need to catch up on my sleep! We went to a fun and noisy play group, had pancakes for breakfast - mine were Exante ones as I have started a trial for them today. I found the most perfect dandelion, but A beat me to it. I found my 'lost' sketch pad and even had a few minutes to do some drawing with A while baby S had her nap this afternoon. This was followed by lots of fun, cuddles and laughter as a grumpy A fell inside a foot pouffe, I think we may need a new one now. Happy day 100, a mix of crazy family fun, good food, nature and love.