Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stop And Look.

I really struggle some days with how everyone always seems in such a rush and the world seems to move so fast around me. I've had to take a good step back from it all recently, I was getting sucked into to it too and I didn't like how it felt.
Cars seem to zoom past, whether I'm crossing or not. People barge past, hurry their kids constantly and just never seem to stop and look. I hate the pressure of people nowadays. After school I like to have a slow walk home through the park and enjoy the outside - yet we are nearly always the only ones not marching home at the speed of light. What's the hurry?

People can be so stressed, busy and sometimes pretty rude. It seems that for most people it's just each man for himself and to hell with everyone else. Whatever happened to helping others or holding the door? I never want to be like those people. Nothing is more important than life and the world around us. I'm hopeless when it comes to timekeeping, but rarely does it matter enough to not stop and look at things that matter in that instance. 

We may be late for nursery, but if baby has spotted her first ever squirrel, we will stop and look and cherish that moment. I never want to hear the engine of a plane and be too busy to look up and spot it. I love the rush of hearing the red arrows coming over and wondering if I'll be quick enough to spot them. 

I never want to be frustrated at a train crossing for being held up, instead of excitedly guessing which side the train will come from. I hate walking past the park just because it gets us home quicker. I love to say hello and wave back to a small child that has given me that moment of their time - I hate it when people ignore children.

I have a job, I have a life, but I still stop and look.

I love firsts with my children - like finding the first conker or feeding the ducks. I live for these little moments and ever since A was born I have seen the world through his little innocent excited eyes and learnt to appreciate everything around me. I now understand that the rush of daily life is so pointless, if you never stop to actually look at the world around you. I never want that to change.

Thanks for reading,