Sunday, October 25, 2015

HO HO HOmeSense: Christmas Home

I love Christmas shopping and that doesn't just include getting the gifts in - but rather the whole shebang. I love buying the food and treats ready for the big day, I love choosing a delicious advent calendar, I love buying decorations for our lovely house and unusual tree hangings that we can keep forever and bring out every year, making our bling-tastic multicolour tree glisten and shine in the twinkling lights.

I've been checking out what HomeSense have on offer all year this year and their Christmas selection is simply amazing, probably my favourite season so far. From giant wicker reindeers to retro looking tree donuts, they really have it all and there is something for everyone, regardless of your taste. All schemes and designs are catered for, from the all white, angelic minimalist look to the 70's plastic colour explosions, it's all there. I really love the felted pom pom wreath and origami style decorations too. I can't wait to go bauble shopping again at HomeSense and get some special new treats for our tree, and a few goodies for the home too.
As well as the huge range of decorations, there is the usual fantastic selection of unique goodies. There's soft furnishings, gorgeous candles, festive wreaths, Christmas flavoured coffees, pet items, sweets, snacks, toys, cook ware, bake ware, bedding and furniture! It really is a one stop shop for Christmas and if you want to get in the spirit you can head there right now to get started!

Now please can somebody pass me a mince pie? Sorry diet, I'll settle for a mince pie scented candle instead...

Thanks for reading,