Anti-Ageing Challenge & GIVEAWAY!

I've never been too committed to skincare regimes, but since turning thirty all that had to change. I smoked for years pre-children, became very slack with sun protection (stupid) and removing makeup for bed (lazy). I never really used any products on my skin either, except for the odd time I would buy something on a whim, keep it up for a few days then discard into a drawer full of false starts. Since I turned 30 last year, I realised I had to do something. My skin does not have the kind stretchy goodness that some people are blessed with and instead has a kind of unforgiving wrinkly stretch to it (think deflated balloon), it needs to be cared for. Slowing the clock down is not all about the routine and products, but lots of other things too such as having an improved diet and removing bad habits from you life.

I was recently invited to join in a blogger challenge with Seven Seas, all about anti-ageing. 7 bloggers have been chosen to join this challenge to see what the true secrets are to looking younger. When I think of Seven Seas, I picture my great aunt who took their cod liver oil every day, always looked radiant until she was nearly 100 years old, I have no excuse for my sloppy regime. The research by Seven Seas indicated that there are 7 main traits found in those with an appearance younger than their years. These were as follows;

  1. They drank more than 2 litres of water a day.
  2. They didn't smoke.
  3. They ate a lot of oily fish (2 or more potions a week)
  4. They drank less alcohol.
  5. They ate less refined sugar.
  6. They ate high levels of fruits and vegetables.
  7. They had a positive attitude.
The challenge for us bloggers is to each take on a lesson from the list above in order to see if it makes a difference in our appearance. Alongside these changes we are to take Seven Seas Perfect7 tablets as part of our daily routine. To keep up with my on going quest to improve my life with a positive attitude I of course opted for number seven.

"They had a positive attitude"

I too will be embracing the positive, happy vibes whilst taking my daily dose of Perfect7. These supplements are great all rounders supporting hair, nails, energy, brain function, vision, heart health and hormones. I'm not expecting miracles but really hoping to see an improvement to my skin over the seven weeks and I can't wait to see how all the other lovely bloggers get on too. If you'd like a go at the 7 week challenge like me, you can win everything you need right here, via the Rafflecopter below! I will pick a winner at random at the end of my 7 weeks.

So there it is, my day one (all be it with make up) post school run (literally run) tired looking wrinkly selfie. Excuse the scraggly hair and experimental blue streak! Fingers crossed we can rewind this over the next seven weeks and get a little more radiant.


To get your hands on some Seven Seas supplements to last you the 7 week anti-ageing challenge, please enter below. Good luck!

Thanks for reading and entering my competition!


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