Monthly Letterbox Treats!

I used to work for a magazine subscription company and I've always thought it's such a good way of enjoying your favourite reads, having them surprise you through your letterbox every month. They make a perfect present too, as long as you know which publication to choose!

Lately though, the subscription craze has gone to a whole new level. Instead of just the traditional magazines, you can now have a whole host of goodies delivered, or present people with an unusual gift, the gift that keeps on giving - literally!

I thought I'd share some of my more recent discoveries, but you can bet there is a service somewhere for just about anything you can think of! Condoms? Yes there really is one. Cocktails? You bet!

Food & Drink

There are many subscription services for food. I can't think of many things better than food coming through your door, so firstly here are some of my foodie finds.

We eat so much meat in our house, but I love trying new things and the thought of a meat subscription is so good! The bacon by post is just heavenly to me too, my favourite food in different varieties, to my door. A different slice of cake every month? Take all my money. Beer for a year and I can think of a fair few recipients for this one! World spices to try each month, this is a really fun idea for any budding chef. Lastly, the gift of coffee by post - simply awesome.

Food and drink aside, there are so many options for having things delivered. Here are a few more unusual ones that I can bet you would love to have popping through your letterbox - or know someone who would.

Anything by post!

A monthly bow tie by post - yes! Different seeds to plant for each month, perfect gift material or what? Socks! I would probably make them into sock monkeys, but what a fun idea - and yes, there is a pants one too! Not Another Bill, a company that send a surprise gift each month. It could be anything! Birchbox send out monthly beauty goodies, every girls dream surely? A new tee shirt with a cool illustration on, I love these! A rainy day box for your children. We've had so many rainy days recently, something like this would be so much fun to brighten things up and give us some extra ideas. Kawaii Box send out monthly goodies from Japan, I will be reviewing one of these soon and I can't wait!

As exciting as I would find any of these kind of things now, as a kid or a teenager they would have been totally epic, like a monthly Christmas surprise! Can you imagine? If you have any fussy teenagers to buy for, that don't give much away about what they'd like, I'd seriously look into a subscription option for them.

This one has three of my favourites. I love making things and sewing is my favourite craft, this 'Habdash' subscription is such a lovely idea. I know any crafter would love this! You can never have too many kids books, though I'm sure if you can then we are pretty close! I love this kids book by post, so exciting for the little ones too. Stationary has always been a firm favourite of mine whilst shopping, it's so pretty and fits however big I get! A monthly stationary delivery of handpicked uniquely designed goodies? Yes please!

So if you hadn't already guessed, I have fallen for this whole subscription thing hook line and sinker. I love that exciting child-like feeling of post arriving  and not knowing what's inside and if I ever have the spare money I'll he treating myself to some of these! They are also in the back of my mind when it comes to presents, as an easy treat that everyone will love. I have also discovered some amazing subscriptions for pets, pregnant women, new mums and so many more so there will definitely be a part two to this post.

Do you get any monthly subscriptions? What would you recommend?

Thanks for reading,