Biker Days: Sunny Sunday At Clumber Park

This week A had a little bike adventure at the beautiful grounds of Clumber Park near Nottingham. We thought we would scope it out for a future family ride and let A be our little test rider, he had a great day! We decided to take his regular 'big boy bike' as his balance bike is getting a little small and we tend to use that in the city during the week a fair bit too. A's bike is a 12 inch Ridgeback MX12, in orange (his favourite colour). It has an aluminium frame so it's not too heavy and it's got proper V brakes, so it's certainly no toy! His Dad has big plans for his next custom built bike... the jury is still out on that one.

It was fun to watch peoples reactions to a diddy sized A riding his bike with no stabilisers. He gets so many smiles and 'wows' and we lost count of how many people asked us how old he is and told us how good he is on his bike! Such proud parents. It's so nice to watch him so happy and practise his 'drop offs' and other tricks too - what a pro. 

The grounds at Clumber are perfect for bike rides as there is so much space and no end of easy family bike routes, pretty gardens, woodland paths and even nice smooth paths. We will be heading back very soon with more wheels for us all! It cost £6 for entry to the grounds but with huge gardens, forests, lakes, shops cafes and a play area its not bad for a day out, especially when bikes and dogs are welcome!

The face of a boy having an amazing day!

We had such a lovely day. Baby was happy walking with her baby in her stroller and me and Mr. Waffle got to stretch our legs and get some fresh air - fun times. We live for days like this!

We are currently reviewing a brilliant bike gadget for A's bike and I can't wait to share it with you - watch this space!

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