Muddled Monday Madness

I know most people hate Mondays, they put a huge brown stinking full stop 7to the weekend, the kids go back to school, it's back to work for us grown ups and everything seems to go wrong. 

This morning we were up late - this never ever happens on a weekend, where we may actually be able to enjoy it. Instead this means a rushed and very forgetful stress of a morning. Today was probably the worst, or at least the silliest so far and definitely a lesson in being more organised!

I dressed baby S then realised her outfit was dirty - thank you A for rearranging the clothes yesterday, which it turns out included mixing up clean and dirty clothes. Brilliant! She can stay like that for the school run, blanket over, rain cover on, nobody knows.

A managed to get through 5 lots of uniform last week in his 2.5 nursery days which is fine, he's a kid after all. I however, forgot to put the washing on, so ended up frantically wiping his tee-shirt and jumper with a baby wipe to see him through the day - luckily I had washed some trousers last week! Ssh. Nobody knows.

Breakfast time and A spills and dribbles his way through his banana nutella wrap, thank god I didn't bother washing. Baby wipes out once again for the clean up.

Shoes - where are the bloody shoes? Wellies are in the car, husband has car at work. Shoes found in toy oven, as A had helped tidy the playroom over the weekend and things are always in there.

Packed lunch for school has not been made, so I quickly knock up a buffet for four without thinking, he will think it's Christmas come lunch time. 

Late, we are always late but with A insisting in getting half dressed and removing shoes just before we leave the house - this makes us that bit later. A mad scramble to find some spare clothes to put in his bag, I gave up on pants so they will have to send him home commando if need be, luckily it's a very short walk! 

Out the door finally and cue the dreaded toddler moaning, the worst thing there is, including;  verses of being too hot/cold/tired/bored/poorly/excited/wet/sad he has no wellies/hungry/full. Standard chat but makes us that bit later.

The walk shouldn't take long, but it's conker season (I love it when we have time) and they are literally falling off the trees in front of him, it's normally fun but we were seconds off the gate being locked and he then see's a rainbow too. Again, normally we would stop and stare but it's go go go!

Totally chaotic walk with a couple of other running parents, sad looking children being carried in the pouring rain - did I mention its also raining? Of course its raining. 

We get to the gates in a scrap of time, a poor teacher soaked through, slowly losing the will, but braving a smile and showing full appreciation for his conkers that he has now dropped and are rolling through the playground. We pick those up and he's in for his day of fun. Phew!

A much slower, calmer walk home, a salute to drowned teacher and home through a wet beautiful park where we collect a few conkers in their spiky coats for A to open after school. Washing will go on and we will get ready the night before now! 9 hours until I start work, tarnishing my already tiring day. Yawn. 

Time for a coffee?

Happy Monday!


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