Turbospoke - Review & GIVEAWAY!

As part of my Biker Days feature, we will be trying out some of the best gadgets and toys for family biking and it's so exciting to see what the world on two wheels has to offer. There is so much available now that we would have killed for as kids, it's a far cry from digging in the cereal box to find the freebie to clip on your spokes!

As part of this feature, we were offered to review a brilliantly fun gadget called the Turbospoke from Tobar. Turbospoke is an exhaust system for bikes - that makes your bike sound just like a motorbike! The idea is so simple and it looks very very cool too. We were so excited for this to arrive and to get it fitted to A's little bike. A loves making noise and loves riding his bike - this is the perfect solution.

You can also win one for yourself! Details on the competition below this review.

At speed, our Turbospoke was torn from Mr. Postman's arms and opened for A who was bouncing up and down after the promise of something 'cool' for his bike. He loves looking at engines and motorbikes so he greeted it with a great big 'WOW' and promised to be on his best behavior in order to have it fitted and try it out that weekend.

Time to unbox!

I recommend unboxing this when your child is either asleep or distracted somehow, as it is very exciting to look at! A's bike frame is a little smaller than the recommended age six plus sizes, this wasn't a problem though, it just meant not using spacers to fit and the cards needed slightly adapting. Otherwise it fitted on well and once on the bike it sat perfectly - a whopping exhaust for a small excited boy that loves making noise and going fast!


Bicycle exhaust sound system
Makes authentic motorbike noises
Three interchangeable sound cards
Activates as bike is pedalled
Does not require batteries
Modern take on a classic
Includes stick-on decals

"Makes your bike look and sound like a motorbike!".
Turbospoke attaches to the back of a pedal bike and makes the most amazing and realistic engine noises. Remember when you were a kid and you stuck something like a playing card in your wheel to make it 'sound cool'? This is a similar idea but it's amazing, innovative, sounds brilliantly lifelike and looks awesome too! I can't imagine any child not loving this. If you have a child that loves their bike like mine - this would be a brilliant present! The kit includes an exhaust pipe that attaches to the rear frame of the bike and includes tools to fix on. Once in place you can insert one of three interchangeable sound cards that will then move between the spokes making a loud (but actually nice to listen to) engine noise, guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face, even us parents! We absolutely love this product and A (nearly 4) was in pure heaven riding his new 'motorbike' and do you know what? I think it even made him pedal faster! He certainly didn't notice the hills as much as normal. We loved the stickers included to add onto the exhaust, but he preferred it simple and wanted the stickers on his helmet instead, they look really cool too.

The three sound cards are double ended, meaning you can try out up to six different engine sounds. This was a really cool feature and although A was happy with any, it was a nice touch and the boys had great fun swapping them around. The noise was great, really authentic and A has the biggest smile every time we use it.

Before saying any more, it's best to see the Turbospoke in action. You can watch their official video here but here is a little clip of A trying his out on the first day! SOUND UP!

The Turbospoke is just brilliant, I have to try it on my own bike some time and I know my husband want's to try it too! This is a modern twist on a classic childhood favourite.

If you'd like to buy one of your own, you can get one here and read all about them on the Turbospoke website too. You can also enter the Rafflecopter below to WIN one of your very own! Such a great competition and prize!

Competition time...

Disclosure - we were sent a sample of the Turbospoke for an honest review. All thoughts are our own. Prize to be sent our from PR agency following competition close. UK only.