Alternative Advent Calendars: 2015

The last few years have seen the 'alternative advent calendar' become increasingly more popular. From just a few cosmetic calendars - there are now literally thousands on the market for men, women and children, catering for all tastes. For the person that can be a little awkward to buy for, these would be a great early present, the gift that keeps on giving, with maybe a larger size product to finish them off for Christmas day.

It wouldn't be Christmas without Cadbury's chocolate for me so I just had to add that on there too! For those that are dieting, the alternative calendars are a great option - a treat of a different kind.

There are lots of options here, from tea bags to make up, something for every budget and style - even a beer one for those that want to indulge that little bit more, or a beard one for the hairier ones! Aside from the ones above, there are so many to choose from. My favourites for the kids are the Playmobil and Lego calendars, but I hadn't seen this Hot Wheels one before so that one took centre stage.

Links for all products below. Happy shopping!

1. Beer Calendar 2. Hot Wheels 3.Bearded Man 4. Charm Bracelet 5. Sugar & Spice 6. Advent Candle 7. W7 Cosmetic 8. Gingerbread Man 9. Benefit Cosmetic10. Cadburys Chocolate 11. Tea Advent   12, Selfridges Cosmetic  13. Topshop Jewellery

Image of Yankee Candle Christmas Advent House 2015

I really really love this Yankee Candles advent calendar full of mini treats! Whatever you're into, you can bet there is an advent calendar out there for you. If you don't want to splash out - why not make your own? Pinterest is full to the brim of cheap, unusual ideas you can make at home as gifts, for your home or for your children.

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