Thursday, October 29, 2015

What's Your Day Job? Meet Carolyn!

I love running this feature, getting to meet people and learn things about their lives. I really love it too when I get to feature someone I already know, but get to learn more about their work. This week it's a great one from the beautiful and lovely Carolyn from Sussex, a school friend of mine I have known for twenty years!

Name: Carolyn Marie Wing Age: 31

A Few Facts About Me: I live in the South East with my hubby and my 3 and a half year old daughter D. I am also aboard the crazy train and currently 6 months pregnant with my second daughter so life is about to get a lot busier! I love tea, CAKE and generally anything vintage or shabby chic. I'm also going through a massive upcylcing stage. No furniture is safe in my home! Enjoy socialising with friends, shopping and I'm a massive foody!!

Whats My Job: I am currently working as a self employed Beauty Therapist. I have been home based for approx 9 years and previous to that was in a busy salon in the south east for about 3 years. Best Thing About My Job: Love my job! I get to make people feel beautiful and get to have a gossip while I do this!
Worst thing about My Job: I honestly can't think of a part of my job that I don't enjoy! It can be long hours. I suppose over the years you meet people who have had a hard life which is often sad and upsetting but I think that makes you appreciate your own life and realise nothing should ever be taken for granted.
Funny Stories: I don't have any specific funny stories (sorry guys) but with my ladies I tend to be part beauty therapist and part councilor - I often joke with my clients that I should be charging an extra percentage for the advice and my ear that I tend to lend them!

Would I Recommend My Job: I would thoroughly recommend being a Beauty Therapist. The job satisfaction you get back from seeing people leaving the salon happy and confident is payment within itself. Although I've got to be honest I'm not in it for the money - it's a job that will never make you rich but it will make you happy! I mean you get to play around with lipstick and varnish all day. Win win right!? 

Dream Job: Hmmm as much as i love my industry i think my dream job would be to own a vintage tea rooms, baking and selling CAKE and shabby chic furniture. Bunting hanging everywhere ha ha!! Maybe a sneaky beauty room at the side so I don't miss out on the pampering side of things.

Would I Carry On If I Won The Lottery: Yes, but....If I won the lottery I think I'd want to buy and manage a salon (as well as a tea rooms ha ha) I'm a complete control freak being my own boss for so long so I'd need to be completely involved in any business I had even if I had won the lottery and didn't need to work because money was no concern! In the meantime I'll keep buying my lottery tickets and applying the lippy!

Thank you so much to Carolyn for taking part. I am so proud of you running your own business, doing so well whilst being one of the best Mums I know. You can see more of Carolyn and her business on her website.

Thanks for reading,