Kicking The Sugar Habit: Bio Chromium

As my battle of the bulge continues, I am now just below a five stone loss and I feel so much better. One thing that has hugely slowed me down has been my sugar cravings. For me they are no joke, they actually drive me insane, especially mid afternoon and late evening. I feel a little weird at times and feel that a sugary snack is what I need to normalise my blood sugar. There are some sweet things I just can't have in the house as I find it so hard not to binge on them when the cravings for sweetness kick in, the worst being dark chocolate digestives!

I was offered some Bio-Chromium tablets to try, from a company called Pharma Nord. This brand provide a huge selection of supplements and these seemed really exciting for me. I was curious to see if they would help with my biggest problem. Could I kick my sugar habit?

Chromium helps decrease sugar cravings by stabilising your blood sugar levels, helping to avoid those dangerous peaks and troughs that lead to me raiding the snack cupboards regularly. Chromium can be found quite often in diet foods I found out, as its renowned for helping dieters, I'd never heard of it before I was offered this trial. Where has it been all my life? I'd never deny myself the odd treat, but I do need to get this sugar thing back into my control and I really hoped this would help.

I was told that like most supplements, it was best to try these for at least a month to see the benefits. I think that was about right, I felt I had maybe noticed a difference after a fortnight, but after three to four weeks I noticed a big difference. The main thing I have noticed is that it's less of a physical craving now, just leaving the mental cravings which are as much down to habit than anything else. It's funny now I don't get the physical need for sugar, I realise what a hold it had over me. I generally feel more 'well' throughout the day and have a lot more control over the foods I am reaching for as I don't have the desperation for the sugar I once had.

I'd really recommend these as a supplement with dieting if you have a weakness for sweet things and crave sugar. They haven't made an over night 'wow' of a difference, but gradually the cravings fade and it becomes a lot easier to stay in control, which is a huge help when you're trying to lose weight. The only negative for me is the tablet shape as I struggle with round chalky tablets, but taken with milk they were actually fine. The tablets arrived very quickly and were packaged well to avoid damage in transit. The price is pretty reasonable considering the results and I only wish I had found them sooner. I will continue to take these until I am into healthier habits.

Kicking the sugar habit is so so hard and anything that can help us along the way or makes things easier can't be a bad thing. These tablets do just that. You can pick up some of these tablets here. These are well worth a try and get a big thumbs up from me. Do you suffer from sugar cravings too? What are your weaknesses?

Thanks for reading,


Disclosure: I was sent a trial pack of tablets in exchange for an honest review. All words and thoughts are my own.