My Weekly Treat

Being a Mum, I find it hard making time for myself at times. Since starting my blog a year ago, I have tried to change this by introducing a weekly treat, just for me. This can be anything from a quick nail polish to a lovely meal out. It really shouldn't be a big thing, but I've still failed most weeks so I really must try harder! Tonight me and my husband are off for an evening out together, the first one for a good few years, so I put a little time aside this afternoon for a few beauty treats. 

I've been reviewing InstaNatural products for a while now and today I had a mass pamper, bringing out all my favourite hair skin and nail treatments. I'll be reviewing these in more detail, but in short, these products are all natural and great value for such an amazing quality range of products. 

I have loved everything I have tried and my hair and skin has improved so much that people have even commentehd on it. It doesn't get much better than that, especially when you get told you look younger and healthier. 

I'm getting ready for our night out now with silky soft conditioned hair and clearer glowing skin. Time to decide what to wear!

Thanks for reading,