Beauty Is: Coconut Oil

If you've been hiding out in a cave somewhere and not noticed the latest craze for coconut oil, then I thought you may need me to share this brilliant product with you. You can grab a decent 500ml tub from your supermarket for around £2 and it is just perfect and even better - it's natural. I presumed this was just for cooking with initially, but soon after baby S came into the world I signed up for a baby massage class where - yes you guessed it, we used coconut oil to massage our babies delicate skin. I loved the way the oil felt and how it melts when warmed in your hands. It feels soft and smooth but not oily and greasy in the same way that a conventional cooking oil would on your skin. There is so much goodness in this little pot that it has all kinds of health boosting qualities and makes a great choice for anyone that is health conscious too.

I have recently got some of this KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil from Sainsbury's and have been learning about the amazing ways in which this product can be used aside from just cooking. It's so versatile and really all you need in life pretty much is coconut oil! No wonder it comes from desert islands - what a life saver! Nature really did give us everything we need.

There are billions of uses for sure, but here are my favourite and most useful for me so far.


My nails are terrible, I'm not great at the girl stuff and need these things to be simple. Rub a little coconut oil into your cuticles or apply liberally all over under beauty gloves before bed and voila, a massively improved set of super soft digits and healthier looking nails and cuticles. People pay a fortune to have their hands feel this good, it wouldn't go a miss on your feet too!


I've spent a fortune on hair conditioners over the years. I've tried some leading brands that I thought were useless and others that worked miracles - but alas, broke the bank at times. A relaxing bath wearing a hair mask of coconut oil works wonders though, leaving your hair super soft, shiny and conditioned! I use mine before washing and have even left on over night inside a hair turban to make it super soft and shiny. I suffer from a pretty dry scalp too and find massaging this in works a treat, better than any anti dandruff treatment I have tried.


Coconut oil is so luxurious with it's moisturising attributes (as you can imagine) and smells pretty neutral too. As well as using straight onto your skin as a hydrating treat, you can also add sugar or sea salt in equal measures, to make the most beautiful body scrub. Cheap home made gifts anyone? For a stronger smell you could add something like lavender.


A little of this goes a long way and if you use it for shaving legs etc it gives a really nice smooth shave as the razor glides through it - genius! It melts as the heat of your skin warms up, so it is really very simple to use.

Makeup remover

If you warm a little of this up and add to a cleansing pad or cotton wool, you can remove makeup in the blink if an eye and it also leaves your skin super soft afterwards! The coconut oil cuts through makeup really well so it is kind of a 3-in-1 for your face.

I love it!

So there we have it. This little pot of wonder really is a good all rounder and if you keep some in stock, you know you will always have emergency conditioner, shaving foam, moisturiser, scrub and makeup removed to hand, it's like a little beauty lovers 'one man band'. Added to that it's a lovely and healthy oil to cook with, packed with health boosting qualities and glorious on baby's skin. Mother nature - you have yourself a winner.

Thanks for reading,