Braun Face: Review

Until I turned 30 last year, I didn't have a great skincare routine to speak of. I have neglected my skin terribly, smoking for many years up until around five years ago, leaving my makeup on and being super slack protecting my skin from the sun. Suddenly the years were starting to show, which sent me into a panic introduction of a skincare routine, all be it a basic one. Until I started my blog, the most I really did was to remove my makeup, usually with a baby or face wipe. My blog has given me the opportunity to try some amazing skincare products as well as making me realise that I need to put the effort in to be healthy and look well.

I was recently offered the chance to review a sample of the 'Braun - Face'. If you haven't seen it, it's a facial epilator and cleansing device that is just brilliant! This has added a whole new aspect to my beauty routine. I love it and if you think about how much better an electric toothbrush cleans your teeth, just imagine the same for your skin - it's pretty refreshing to say the least.

Braun Face 

The device comes loaded with the epilator top already on and just needs the battery (1 X AA included) adding to get started. The battery cover simply screws off with any blunt flat object - I used the end of a spoon, pop the battery in and close. straight away you can get started in removing those tricky hairs. If it's a facial cleanse you want, you simply pop off the epilator head and put on the brush option. There is also a lid included that covers the epilator head, a lovely quality storage bag, mini brush for cleaning and my favourite thing of all - a light up mirror.

The Facial Epilator

I have always been terrified of epilators. I think 'The Epilator' sounds like some hideous level of the Gladiators programme or some evil super-villain. It just looks and sounds painful normally, especially on larger areas like the leg or arm pits - ouch! I've had my eyebrows waxed though and have plucked them a million times, so I was more than prepared to try this on my brow area and the side of my cheeks where there are very fair and fine hairs.

The epilator spins very fast and quickly tweezes away fine hairs out perfectly. It does sting a little, it is pulling hairs out after all - but it's pretty mild and you soon get used to it. As it clears hairs so quickly, it's not a stinging you have to feel for long and the results are well worth it. The little brush can be used to sweep it out if need be. I much prefer this to having my brows waxed, I have total control of the situation, it wont cost me £20 a pop and its nowhere near as painful. My husband was a little worried I may slip and inadvertently take on a Britney circa 2007 look. His concerns were unfounded though and despite my clumsiness I removed nothing but unwanted hairs! Cheeky cheeky man. Great little epilator. I'm not exactly Ron Burgundy, but the only area I couldn't really bear being epilated was the upper lip - luckily I only have a little fluff there so I am happy to leave it be!

The Facial Cleanser

You can easily remove the epilator head/lid and pop on the facial cleansing brush (included). The head then spins very fast meaning you can super cleanse your face and get really fresh and clean. Simply dampen the brush and add a little facial cleanser, place the brush on the skin and switch the switch left or right to get things moving. I am pretty sure I must have been living in a hole or something as the whole facial brush thing has completely passed me by. It's only from having this and doing a little research, I have realised how popular they are and that I am not the only one to think this one is great. Braun say that this device will clean your face 6 X more effectively than manual cleansing, you can immediately see the advantage of this over normal washing and my skin felt a lot more than six times cleaner! This ladies and gentlemen is a must have. If you like a pamper and a nice skincare routine you will love including this! This is such great quality and everything included is very solid and hard wearing too. The power you get from just one AA battery is really surprising and the soft heads clean very effectively. The booklet inside recommends that you replace the brush head roughly every three months. The best thing about this is that you can use it in the shower, so it's really easy to fit into your routine! This is great for sensitive skin and gives such a good clean it would really help if you have any issues. Alongside this item you can also buy sets of replacement brushes.


I was also sent this set of replacement brushes that come in a set of four. This set includes not only a replacement regular brush, but a super soft 'sensitive' brush, a 'beauty sponge' and an 'exfoliation' brush - this one I was most excited about. All the heads are beautiful to the touch and have different effects on the skin. The exfoliation brush is still very soft but does have that extra cleansing feel to it - I love this one! The beauty sponge feels like your skin is getting buffed to it's best and the sensitive brush just feels amazing, you need to feel it. 

In the set you have the beautiful storage bag that I mentioned earlier - it's just really soft and lovely quality - a nice touch compared to the usual nylon bag you tend to get chucked in with most things. There is also a little hand held mirror with a built in light. This is the greatest little gadget ever and really shows up your skin and fine hairs brilliantly well to work with the epilator, or cleansing brushes - as you can see your skin in all its gory, or glory depending on how good your skin is.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

This is a definite BUY and I give this a huge double thumbs up. It's not something I would have ever really thought I needed, but I now know it's exactly what I needed. It offers a new level of clean, it's totally refreshing and lovely to use. The quality is great making it highly worth the money. I can quickly tidy up my eyebrows, yes it stings a little but its as quick as shaving without the prickles and leaves the skin perfectly hair free as if I have just been to a salon. It's great for all those little hairs around the face and the included accessories work so well with it. The extra brushes were great - not essential to get started but a very lovely addition and I loved the pampered feeling of using a couple of different ones for an uber cleanse.

You can by the Braun Face including the accesories from Boots for £69.99, additional brushes also from £12.99 a set. If you are stuck as to what to ask for this Christmas, this is well worth popping on your list - you can feel like you've been for beauty treatments whenever you feel like it and save a fortune!

Will this be on your wish list this year? Am I the only one that hasn't used a facial brush before?

Thanks for reading,


Disclosure: I was sent a sample of this item for review purposes. Al thought and words are my own.