Saturday, October 31, 2015

Infacare Night Bath - Review

Like most new parents, when our first baby was born, we were pretty clueless. We attended NCT classes but there were still large voids of information missing that terrified us. We had no idea what he should wear, how often he should feed or how to know if he was tired or hungry. Another thing we weren't sure of, was how or when it was best to bath our baby. The advice on this changes all the time, but when we were at the hospital the midwife kindly offered to run a rather mucky looking baby A a bath so she could show us what to do.

That midwife actually recommended to us that we went and got some Infacare bubble bath. We quickly wrote it down and popped straight to Boots to get some after our stay. We have always used the same Infacare bubble bath as it smells like the perfect clean baby smell, it's super soft and gentle and really good value for money too.

We were recently given the chance to try a new Infacare product - their Night-Time Baby Bath Ultra Mild. This bubble bath smells and looks pretty similar to the original but includes sleep persuasive scents to sooth and relax baby at bath time. This bubble bath is great for sensitive skin so perfect for both my children who suffer from mild eczema. This product has been clinically tested and PH balanced to ensure that gentle touch needed for our little ones. I loved that this bubble bath actually makes brilliant bubbles and with some vigorous stirring we were able to create a giant tub full of fluffy white bubbles for the kids to play with.

We loved this bubble bath and will definitely buy it again. Much like the standard bath mixture, it's just heavenly to use. This retails at £3.49 for a 750ml bottle which is great value as it lasts a long time and works so well, suiting all ages.

These products will always remind me of those early days with my baby and have a place in my heart. That smell will bring back the best of memories for years to come. I love the idea of baby (and toddler) being more relaxed for bed too, so this is a great buy. We will also continue to buy the original one as well as we love it!

You can buy these bubble baths at most supermarkets, but we usually buy ours at Boots. If you want to learn more about Infacare, you can visit their website. A huge thumbs up (and baby thumbs up) from us.

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample for the purposes of review, all words and thoughts are my own.