Peg: The Perfect Family Dog

"Once upon a time, there was a scruffily, wuffily, fluffily, stinkly dog called... Peggy dog!"
This has been the start of many many bedtimes stories we make up in the dark with our lovely boy A. Our dog Peg (Peggy Dog) AKA The Pig, will be three in January and despite her scruffy wonky face and trumpy bottom, we can't imagine our lives without her. Like it or not - Peg has left a small dog shaped hole in our hearts and she is absolutely the perfect role model of a family dog. A is besotted with her. He was just a baby himself when we got her as a puppy. We went blindly into the puppy world with a few ups and lots of (smelly brown) downs, but it was all worth it and she has her little furry feet firmly fixed in the Waffle household.

It all started with a small black ball of fluff, with big eyes, a tiny waggy tail and a little white tufty chin. Peg was the cutest thing we had ever laid eyes on and I felt like I had another baby! We collected her after a couple of agonising weeks and she came home to the chaotic house of Waffle.

Pretty soon Peg settled in, after a rocky start and lot's of 'what the hell have we done' chats (and yes we did do research but like everything it's not always as you expect!). Our poor puppy was very poorly early on which kind of ruined the puppy stage for us as she was constantly making runny messes, without giving too much information and the vets were very concerned - it was not good! Luckily she was fine in the end and everything worked well and she settled in to the madness that is our lives. It seemed to disrupt a lot of things at the time, but I can't imagine life without her now, she's stuck with us and we are very lucky. 

A and Peg are inseparable. It's a love hate relationship at times and he has had to learn very quickly to be gentle and she is the kindest most laid back dog of all. As much as I think he annoys the hell out of her at times she follows him round, sits on his lap and joins in his silly games.

Peg is such a comforter dog and really seems to look after us all - what a gem. I love this picture of her looking after A while he was poorly resting at home. She is such a sweet dog. Cavapoos don't shed their fur either, so as a family pet they don't create any extra mess - always handy and they are super friendly and laid back too. Sometimes we let Peg have some down time upstairs with her cats, they have clearly accepted her as one of their own - all be it a lesser mannered scruffy one.

Peg gets cold in winter as she is only small, so we do have a few blankets and jumpers knitted just for her. We are currently awaiting a beautiful new striped one for this winter, I'll share it when it comes! A loves this and is always pointing out new things for her, as if two shopaholic parents and two kids to dress wasn't enough. Sometimes though, she just wants a warm lap, a tummy to lay on or some snuggles. If you have children, Cavapoos are great.

I thought it was high time our fur babies got a mention on here, so I have started with the last in - our lovely dog. We have had so many days out and adventures with her and we love it when we can take her along, even if she sometimes jumps on the baby with muddy paws, or slips her lead to UFFF at a goose or two. Meet Peg - the perfect family dog.

Thanks for reading,

Wooflemama (like what I did there?)