Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Chris & Pui Show - LPAC Lincoln

We love CBeebies in our house and there is definitely a plus to children's TV and some chilling out screen time for the little ones. One of our favourite shows is the brilliant 'Show Me, Show Me' with Chris & Pui.

If you've not seen it, the programme consists of a fun mix of creative play, singing and a series of cuddly toys that share their adventures. I love it as you don't often see grown ups having fun and they are so happy and energetic with it, it's great to watch.

Chris & Pui have been touring with their very own show based on the TV series and we were kindly invited to come and watch them at a brilliant local venue - The LPAC (Lincoln Performing Arts Centre). One Saturday afternoon earlier this month, me and my son A made our way to the LPAC for the big show, just the two of us and he was very excited, as was I!

A loves Chris & Pui, he loves to show his 'groovy moves' when they are on and as a big fan of cuddly toys, he couldn't wait to see some of his favourite TV cuddlies in the flesh - or should I say plush? Our favourite character is Stuffy, his voice cracks me up - Chris showing his Essex roots! 

Lots of excited happy children and parents were making their way inside where we got a few snacks and a drink from the cafe - (really well priced compared to similar venues) and made our way to the auditorium doors.

Once opened we made our way inside, where A saw a couple of his friends. The dark lighting and flip down double seats made this even more exciting for him! The curtains soon opened and in bounded the two presenters, beaming with smiles, buzzing with energy and looking just as they do on the telly. The show was the perfect length for A's age (four next week) and there was a break in the middle for a quick pit stop and purchase of their amazing musical masterpiece CD featuring all the favourites from the live show, as well as a whole host of brilliant children's songs.

The show was just brilliant. A perfect mix of singing, stories and fun, as the characters popped up in different scenarios throughout. There were lots of hilarious jokes, witty one liners as well as brilliantly subtle jokes just for us parents, everyone had a great big smile on their face throughout. I have to say I was pretty close to tears at the start when I saw how happy A was and thought how magical and exciting the whole thing must have been for him. They are two of his heroes after all!

After the show, Chris & Pui kindly did a meet and greet for all the children and parents. A was so tired after a sleepless night (excitement) we couldn't stay long (avoiding meltdowns), but we did manage to get a quick picture with the duo, an autograph and a little chat. Please excuse our picture, A was a little shy and I think I may have been too! I would really recommend this show for families everywhere, it's so funny and Chris & Pui are as lovely and happy in real life as they are on screen, a great day out that we followed with a roast dinner nearby with Mr. Waffle and Baby S. Perfect!

The LPAC is a brilliant little venue and has so much to offer. Coming up there is the Tree Fu Tom show and also from November they will be putting on a Peter Pan show for the Christmas period. You can find all their upcoming events and buy tickets here.

To find out more about the show such as venues and dates of their tour - you will find everything you need here. A great big double thumbs up from us.

A big thank you to the LPAC as well as Chris & Pui for giving us such a special Mum/Son day out.

We will be back soon!


Disclosure: I was given press passes for the show in return for an honest review - all words are my own.