Monday, June 15, 2015

A Wonderful June Wedding

Two weeks ago we went to a wonderful family wedding, to watch my brother in law marry his beautiful fiance, his now wife and my sister in law! It was such a perfect day, a mix of pretty things, a laid back atmosphere and lots of really cute thoughtful little touches that made it really enjoyable and romantic.  I thought I would share some of the pictures with you and inspire some future weddings with a few of the couples great ideas.

The venue was a lovely old country mansion, not too big, not too swanky - just perfect. They decorated the venue with sweet floral arrangements and lots of little shabby chic touches. Amongst other things such as guest books, they had a special treasure chest and cards for guests to write their advice for the couple, I loved this idea! A sneaky peak inside the box and the first card read 'Dont do it! Oh too late'. Typically written by a married uncle, it made me chuckle. They also had a giant 'W' (they must really love Wafflemama) along with chalk markers for guests to sign. I loved this idea so much and I so wish we had done this too, what an amazing memento to have in your new marital home! The floral arrangements were gorgeous too, I had really similar at my wedding and the colours are so comforting and lovely.

One of my highlights, except for the hired pizza oven and team for the reception (amazing!) was the photo booth and costumes. This was such a fun idea. One copy was stuck in another guest book for us to write silly things in. My son loved it so much and the little girl he attached himself to for the day and he had the cutest awkward first date style photos done, love them! There were little signs everywhere to direct the wedding 'traffic' and the venue decor was exactly to my taste, I wonder if I could live there? The cake was a three tier mega iced beautiful sea like tower of goodness. The tiers were fruit cake, sponge and red velvet. So tasty.

The bride (my new sis) looked stunning in her figure hugging (and oh what a figure) dress and smokey eye makeup with lightly curled hair - decorated with a little bit of classy bling. The bridesmaids dresses were stunning too, turquoise for the older ones and cream/purple for the little ones, cute!

Our son had the best day. He was totally confused at what a wedding was, I think he is probably now none the wiser but regardless he had a ball. He threw shapes, lots of them on the dance floor, made a new best friend that he has talked about lots since and when things got all a bit too exciting I took him out to watch through the window, which he found highly amusing.

The bride and groom were so happy and excited all day, you could see the love sparking off them and they soon jetted off to Hawaii for their honeymoon, jealous much? My other brother in law was the best man and sang his heart out with his guitar, we were all really impressed, he just needs signing now, he's that good! I got to wear colour, I never wear anything but black normally, but felt good in my vintage style floral get up, which closely matched my baby S in her pretty ice cream print dress. 

An amazing day all round and I wish the happy couple a billion more happy days, months and years together and a very happy honeymoon!

Thanks for reading,