Thursday, June 11, 2015

Goodbye Mr. Weight Watchers

Next week will be my last official Weight Watchers meeting/weigh in. I've done really well so far (if I do say so myself) and am sad to leave. I really hope that I can keep it up like I feel I can, as I still have quite some way to go. My thoughts and habits have changed so it does seem achievable. My only worry is that I may feel less motivated not being weighed by someone else, but if I do struggle - I can get weighed by my local nurse at the GP's office, so there are options at least. In the mean time I will be weighing in myself at home, or using the Boots Chemist scales at the same day and time to try and stay on track!

With bills on the up and a new washing machine to pay for, I just can't justify the cost at the moment, so needs must! 

I have really enjoyed my time at Weight Watchers and I will miss the people there and the motivation from my leader Claire. I know what to do now though and I've had a taste of feeling a little slimmer and fitter, it can only continue to feel good, so I want to stick to my pound a week loss until Christmas which is my current goal! 

Weight loss: 3 stone 9 lbs (51 lbs)
BMI: From 42.6 to 34.7

Wish me luck, please send me your motivational thoughts and I will continue to update and share my progress on here, as well as on my Healthy Mama Instagram account. I love my filling and healthy foods and I will carry on!

Thanks for reading,