Friday, June 26, 2015

Keeping Motivated: July Weightloss & Fitness

Wednesday was my last weigh in for June and it has been an eventful month! First a quick look at the goals I set at the end of May for the month of June...

So how did I get on?

Losing a pound a week

Week 1 - lost 3.5lbs
Week 2 - lost 1lb
Week 3 - lost 1lb
Week 4 - Stayed the same.
Total loss 5.5lbs

Planning my meals

I didn't do too badly on the planning, we changed supermarket and tried a few new foods which I knew were easy to prepare. We haven't been too flush this month, which meant we had to be pretty strict shopping which I think helped! 

Find new recipes

I tried a few new things this month. My main one was a delicious salad which I posted the recipe to, you can find it here. I've also been swapping things like ice cream and sweet snacks for an easy smoothie, you can see the recipe here.

Tasty Nicoise Salad..
Overall, I have gone from 17 stone 9 pounds (since August 2014) to 13 stone 13lbs today. I had no idea what my true start weight was until I was weighed at the doctors and they informed me, I was a bit shocked! June went pretty well I think, so I'm now looking ahead to the next month.

Goals For July...

I'm actually going to stick to the same goals for next month. I am really hoping that we get some nice BBQ weather as there is nothing better than freshly cooked meat on a barbecue! I finished Weight Watchers this month (I posted about it here if you'd like to know why) so I really need to try and stay focused now I am doing this alone (well not really if you take the fact I share everything on line!) but my weighs will be done by me for now, I hope I stick to my healthy living. Wish me luck!

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