Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Gratitude List - Week 9

I have been super happy this week! I hate admitting that, I feel it's almost setting myself up for a fall, but I guess sometimes you have to think a bit more positively than that, which is part of the reason I do this list every week. My gratitude list makes me reflect on my week and appreciate the little things.

Here are ten things that contributed to my happiness this week;

  • The combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Oh my, thank you Hershey's.
  • When baby S naps and her brother is at nursery. A rare brain break!
  • Having some beautiful walks in the sunshine.
  • People noticing my weight loss.
  • Baby being more mobile and much happier.
  • Being really close to the next stone bracket down, not been here for five years!
  • The man that sings reggae songs in town, he always cheers me up.
  • Having an awesome little family.
  • Making my son laugh hysterically.
  • Going to bed feeling happy and excited for the next day.

That's all for now, have a great week!

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