Monday, June 22, 2015

'Braun - Series 5 Flex MotionTec' Razor - Review

I'm not exactly the hairiest of women, so when I was asked to review a razor - I looked straight at my bearded husband for assistance. My husband loves trying new products and gadgets too, so he was excited to try this. Then I remembered my dear old Dad. My Dad can usually be seen with pretty impressive stubble. He has sensitive skin and has been known to be more than a little grumpy when it comes to razors, especially electric ones. I decided he would be the best person to trial this for me. I knew Dad would be brutally honest about this product so I could give it a fair review. Mr Waffle's beard remains in tact - for now!

The razor I was sent was the Braun series 5 Flex Motion Tech electric razor.

This razor has some great features such as; a pivoting head, cordless, flexible cutting elements, triple action cutting system and full wash-ability.
"Braun's proprietary cutting elements, optimized to give outstanding closeness and skin comfort"

The razor and accessories we were sent

Over to Dad - Aka Richard.

Have you used many electric razors?

Yes, I've used quite a few over the years but I have never really used a good one. The razors either pull, scratch or make my skin sore and red. I think I'd rather just be hairy.

What was your first thought when I gave you this razor?

I was really excited. It's been years since I had a decent one and although I didn't hold out much hope of it being any good, I thought it would be fun trying something new. It looked a bit technical but I was keen to give it a try.

Was it easy to use/clean?

Yes - the instructions were very simple which I liked. It came with lots of bits, but it was all pretty straightforward and clear what their uses were. It was really easy to take apart and clean after use. The side burn trimmer worked really well and was easy to use too.

Was the 'MotionTec' flexible head useful?

Yes - the flexible head followed the contours of the face really well which made it soft and gentle to use. It gave me a really smooth clean shave - I was very happy. I felt like the razor was doing all the hard work which is how it should be.

What was it like to use?

The razor was light weight and simple to use. It dismantled easily and was easy to charge and held the charge really well too. The razor didn't pull at hair, scrape or scratch the skin or irritate my sensitive skin, this made a real change for me so I was really happy to keep using it.

Had you received this for Father's day - would you have been happy/would you recommend it?

Yes I would recommend it as it is easily the best electric razor I have used. If I had been given this for Father's Day I would have been over the moon once I had tried it and seen how good and simple it is to use.

Describe this razor in three words...

I would describe this razor as ... Simple, Excellent and Effective.

I think it's safe to say that the razor has been a hit here and that it would get a big thumbs up and recommendation from us. If you would like to know more about this razor and others in series 5, you can visit the Braun website here

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Disclosure - I was sent this razor in return for an honest review. All words and thoughts are my own/father's own.