Sunday, June 07, 2015

My Gratitude List - Week 8

A week ending in happiness, tiredness and romance! What more could you want (except the tiredness part). Largely wedding related this week, as that was our big highlight!

  • Going to a perfect wedding, seeing a perfect couple get married and start a new chapter.
  • Gaining a new sister (in law).
  • Feeling pretty and happy in my wedding attire.
  • Watching an amazing firework display with my son in my arms and a happy tear rolling down my cheek.
  • A perfect park walk in the sunshine.
  • My baby smiling so hard her dimples appear.
  • Feeling the most pride towards my children at the family wedding.
  • People noticing my weight loss efforts.
  • Seeing my son make friends.
  • Watching my son grow from a toddler to a boy, whilst trying not to blub continuously as it happens.
That's this week's ten, have a great happy week and enjoy every second.

Thanks for reading,