Monday, June 08, 2015

Comotomo Baby Products - Review


When it comes to baby items there are so many on the market it can be really hard to choose. It makes me happy when I see something new and quirky on the market, especially when it comes to buying gifts. It's even better when the quirkiness actually makes it practical and functional.

I was contacted recently and asked to trial some baby products from a brand named Comotomo, who admittedly I hadn't heard much about. My baby 'S' is 10 months old and as I have just started back at work we have started giving her the occasional bottle of expressed milk. Baby S has also just cut her second tooth so is chewing on anything she can get her hands on, sometimes just her hands. Because of our current situation, I was sent the Comotomo teether and bottle to review and I was surprised to see they were quite different to other similar items out there.

The Teether!

Design wise I love this teether, it looks like some big brother furniture or something you might find in a quirky Brighton boutique which is great. From the outside in it's packaging, I wondered what it would feel like. I imagined it would be pretty hard and heavy, more like a rubber dog toy (sorry) but I was certainly wrong! This teether is super soft, lightweight and flexible, much like the better quality silicon baking trays and I can imagine it is really lovely to squish on those sore gums.

Baby S has really enjoyed playing and chewing on this and the 'leg' bits make it really easy for her to hold and give a few different textures for her to sink her gums into. Having the big looped part meant we were able to attach it to the pram/car seat easily so baby would not lose it or drop it on the floor to get dirty, another plus point.

If the teether needs washing, you can stick it in the dishwasher or in boiling water, simples.

These teethers would make a lovely little baby gift or to add as part of a gift basket. They are really unusual and practical with regards to weight, texture and shape.

The Bottle!

The baby bottle was also a little surprise to me when I got it out the chunky lovely packaging. The lower half of the bottle is made of soft silicon again and I don't know why, but it made the experience of giving a bottle a lot cosier and more relaxing as it kind of mimics the idea of nursing, with its soft hold and flexibility. I think with it being silicon it kind of feels warm and soft, much more natural than a hard cold plastic bottle. Baby S was able to hold onto the bottle a little and squeeze, which I think she found relaxing. To me this bottle bridges the gap between breast and bottle nicely and was lovely to use. The teat was also a great size (aimed at 0-3 months) seeing as baby S is new to bottles. It was soft to use, far softer than some leading brand ones I have tried previously. My son would never take a bottle, I think we tried most out there on the market but would have loved to have tried this at the time. To date this bottle has been the most successful with baby S and the only one I would say she has properly fed from for longer than a few seconds. That is pretty good in my books!

I found the bottle really nice and easy to wash thoroughly, as its so flexible you can turn it out and clean every part. The silicone is really functional in terms of feeding and cleaning and nothing like I have seen before.

The items I had sent are not the cheapest on the market, but the quality, design and practicalities of these products are amazing and I would definitely recommend them. I can think of no negatives for either from using them several times.

Thanks for reading,