Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - Review

Palmer's - Treats for your skin and baby's too!

I have terrible stretchmarks from my first pregnancy where I had severe polyhydramnios (excess fluid) and from around six weeks my skin was put under enormous strain from bloating and swelling. By the time I gave birth I was left with pretty bad scarring under my tummy, the back of my knees, arm pits and my breasts. Unfortunately I don't have the type of stretchy bounce back skin that I would like, so I am left with these marks. As much as they are an a happy reminder of what I put my body through to get my amazing children, they do make me feel a little self conscious at times and the ones on my tummy itch sometimes too.

I was sent some products to try, by the lovely people at Palmer's. I was aware of Palmer's but didn't know much about them, especially the extent to which they have extended their range. Here is a little more about each of the items I was lucky enough to try out.

Daily Body Lotion

The daily body lotion is said to smooth, soften and relieve dry skin. This lotion does exactly what it says on the tin. My first thought was how amazing it smells and how soft and non greasy it was on the skin too, so nice! I tried this first on my 'back of the hand test' and it did not disappoint. My hands looked instantly healthier and more moisturised. The skin felt great and not like I had the product sat there as it absorbed nicely too and felt cool on the skin. I used this in general areas, arms legs and chest. The softness lasted well until the next application. I really enjoy using this cream and hope I can keep up this regime, my skin feels and smells great. My husband liked it too as I smell like chocolate after it has been applied!

Massage Lotion For Stretchmarks

Again, the smell of this one is just amazing! As long as you like chocolate and sweet things you will be in beauty heaven using this lotion. This lotion has Vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin and Shea butter. All these things combined really helped lessen the 'loosness' of my skin and made the areas feel tighter and less obviously marked. I used this mainly around the top of my breasts where weight gain/loss has taken its toll on my skin. I wasn't disappointed with this lotion and would recommend it as a regular 'go to' lotion, to help your skin look healthier in damaged areas. The lotion is soft and smooth and goes on really nicely, again without that greasy feeling. I felt really like my skin was just being injected with youth juice and the years were turning back a little. As my beauty regime is pretty dire I certainly noticed the effects of using these creams regularly!

Tummy Butter

My Tummy resembles a deflated balloon, one that's been in some sort of melting accident! I'm not too conscious of this as its rarely on show and I do think of it more as battle scarring from having my beautiful babies than anything negative. I was fascinated though to see if I could improve its appearance, especially as I have lost a fair bit of weight and it would be even better if my skin looked great too!
This 'butter' had the same feel as a dense hair wax, without the stickiness. When you rub it on your tummy, it turns to an oily cool cream and feels really nice and soft. A little goes a long way too, which is always good! Just like the other products I have tried, it did have a positive effect on my skin. I really wish I had discovered Palmer's during my pregnancy, or before and actually stuck to some kind of regime, I would look half my age I'm sure! The butter also contains Vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin as well as soothing lavender. On the pot it says this is an 'Intensive Treatment'. I wasn't disappointed with this butter and I would definitely buy it again.

Baby Butter

Firstly, I loved that there was a baby version of the adult lotions! What a lovely gift idea for mummy and baby. The butter again has Vitamin E, with Cocoa butter and aloe. The smell again was delicious, not as sweet as the others I didn't think, but I thought this was a good thing being for baby, as it didn't seem as strong. The baby butter had a thinner texture which meant it was super easy to apply to baby. It feels so soft and lovely on and it was nice while treating baby to a little massage after her bath. The smell and softness lasted well and my baby felt beautifully soft. I will be buying this in the future for myself and as a gift along with the matching mummy creams, they are brilliant.

These products are so reasonably priced at only a few pounds each, the quality is incredible for the price. I would really recommend trying them if you're pregnant or even if you're not, my husband loved using these creams too! These products would make great presents for all ages, they are easy on the pocket and best of all they smell and feel amazing, literally nothing to lose.

If you'd like to learn more about Palmer's you can visit their website here.

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Please note - I was sent these products in return for an honest review. All words and thoughts are my own.