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JML 'Finishing Touch' - Review

Have you heard of JML? I'm sure you have, but if not they are reknowned for coming up with unique gadgets and unusual, well priced and useful products. I was asked if I would like to trial and review the JML Finishing Touch Lumina Beauty Trimmer. A small battery operated micro shaver suitable for unwanted facial (and similar) hairs. To see how I got on using this trimmer, read on below.

"JML Finishing Touch is a handy portable trimmer that’s perfect for removing even the finest hairs in any awkward to trim spot on your body. With apivoting head and in-bult light, it's perfect for helping you trim your eyebrows, upper lips, under arms, bikini line and more. The JML Finishing Touch is compact and cordless with a sleek design ideal for slipping into your handbag or overnight bag. Battery and 2 comb attachments are included." Boots product description.

This trimmer comes with a battery, a couple of attachments for longer/shorter cutting lengths (just like bigger hair shavers) and a built in light to help you see those stubborn stray hairs. I didn't feel great benefit from the built in light when used in day light, but if used after dark in false lighting it seemed a bit more beneficial.

My initial thought was that I remember something similar to this, from a good fifteen years ago that I had found pretty handy as a teenager. After a scary trip once swimming and realising I hadn't shaved certain 'areas' until I was at the poolside, I thought this would be great to try out and to keep in my handbag for any awkward moments like that, or for a quick neaten up of my eyebrows in my makeup bag.

I'm fair haired, so my hairs aren't too thick or obvious, the only benefit I think to being pale! My eyebrows though were well over due a wax, by about three years (!!) and I rarely find the time to pluck, so I decided to use this for a neaten up.

I found that the battery that came with the shaver was a little weak and I did find it worked better with a better quality battery. The initial one made it run very slow and it didn't have much power even for thin eyebrow hairs so it pulled a little. Resolved with a higher power battery however.

As you can see in the picture the area under my brows looked much better, though still a tiny tiny bit stubbly. I was happy with the result as it literally took seconds and it was a good quick fix between treatments especially once I added some brow liner. I found to get the brows short enough I needed to go over a couple of times and it was a little scratchy, but I think more as I was pressing too hard than anything else. I wouldn't think of using this shaver over large areas, but for little neaten ups in a hurry or to keep in your handbag or swim bag I think it is worth having. I found on the bikini line it was adequate for 'saving the day' but I wouldn't use it instead of my regular hair removal as it doesn't feel powerful enough (aware I wound like some sort of yeti - I'm not).

In terms of using daily, I wouldn't rush for this. I see this more of a holiday essential, keeping in your hand bag for those occasions you just happen to need it on the run, or a quick tidy up before nipping out, which is exactly what it is designed for.

This shaver is currently on sale at Boots for £9.99. For that price I would be reasonably happy with this, even if only for the fact that it made my eyebrows look so much better, though I can't say I would pay any more as I didn't find I needed the attachments, just the basic shaver.

In short, I would recommend this shaver, but only for a few stray hairs or tidy ups as it is intended. I wouldn't buy this if you are expecting it to plough through lots of thick hair or expect miracles! This shaver could get you out of a few 'hairy' situations though and I will be keeping it in my makeup bag for my next brow tidy up.

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Please note - I was sent the JML shaver in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.


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