Monday, June 01, 2015

My Weekly Treat

New Feature!

I've realised this past year how quickly not looking after myself can take its toll. I was piling on the pounds which is now being sorted out, slowly but surely. My skin, hair, teeth and nails get zero attention and I plan on changing this, one week at a time! I will always put my family before myself but pledge to spend at least a few minutes a week enjoying a treat, just for me! This is not to look good, but to feel good, relax and care for Me, before I'm an old bald toothless cat lady. Meow.

In my new regular feature 'My Weekly Treat', I will be sampling old and new beauty treats, foods, drinks, you name it - if it's a treat I'll try it. Please feel free to suggest something! I have been offered a few items to try that fit the bill perfectly and I will hopefully be able to share some  new products and tips along the way.

I kicked off last week with some gorgeous face masks from 7th Heaven, you can read more about this here. This weeks treat hasn't yet been decided but its between a relaxing glass of wine and a new facial toner, depending on which I fancy and whether one sip of wine is likely to send me to sleep!

I'm really looking forward to my weekly treat, you should have one too!

Thanks for reading,