Thursday, June 25, 2015

-TEN- Baby Products - Review

Ten make a great range of essential skincare products, aimed at mother and baby. The Ten range has been created for us mothers to use, safe in the knowledge that they are not only luxurious and enjoyable to use for us, but also free from chemicals and safe for baby too.

I was recently sent two items from Ten's baby collection, their 'Baby Natural Shampoo' and 'Baby Bath Milk'. After having two babies, we have used many baby bath time products from a range of brands. I hadn't heard of Ten but after reading about them online, I was keen to try out their goodies.

Baby S with her post bath time 'quiff'.
My first thought when our Ten package arrived was that the packaging looked beautiful! The boxes are so dainty and magical looking and you just know it has to contain something pretty special. The bottles are nice and smooth (yes that's a weird thing to appreciate but I will say it anyway) and both products were easy to open and distribute. I loved the little illustrations and the graphics on the box were really cute too.

The Baby Natural Shampoo

"Formulated with chamomile extracts and wheat proteins, this no-tear shampoo has been specially made to gently cleanse and nourish your baby’s delicate and fine hair.The natural ingredients help maintain the natural balance of the scalp, keep hair shiny and soft and untangle messy knots." -Ten.

Firstly, the shampoo smells amazing. It has that 'baby' smell which is a bit like a bubble bath, clean, fresh and comforting. The shampoo is noticeably thicker than other baby shampoos I have used and it felt really luxurious massaging it onto baby's hair. The thickness of the shampoo meant it took a little longer to wash out than cheap watery ones (not much longer!) but this was rewarded with beautifully soft, fluffy conditioned baby hair once it had dried. It also meant less watery bubbles to run into baby's eyes, though this is so gentle I'm sure she wouldn't have noticed. Baby S doesn't have the largest amount of hair (as you can see above) but her 'quiff' smelt amazing after using this and the smell lasted well for cuddles the next day. 

This shampoo is a bit dearer than I would normally fork out for a baby shampoo, but it was lovely to use something that felt like such a treat for baby's hair and I loved knowing that it had no nasties in it that would be likely to irritate her skin. I also used this on her big brother A who is nearly four and hates having his hair washed. A has a lot more hair, which felt thoroughly clean using this. He has very sensitive skin, so again it was nice having that peace of mind, knowing there would be no irritation.

The Bath Milk

"Formulated to gently cleanse your baby’s epidermis while respecting its natural balance. The formulation is enriched with almond oil and aloe vera, which help the skin retain its moisture. With a ‘tear free’ formulation, babies can enjoy and have fun splashing around as much as they want." - Ten.
We actually get a bath milk on prescription for A with his skin being so sensitive and he has suffered from eczema too, so we have a good experience of a main brand, similar product. The issue we have with our usual bath milk is that it is very oily and means that the bath gets a bit slippery and also leaves their hair oily too. The bath milk from Ten though, was totally different. The milk disperses nicely into the water, it doesn't make it look like it has an oil slick, or feel oily to touch. Instead the bath water just feels normal but soft (if that makes sense), smelling delicious and leaving their skin super soft too. I was really impressed at the difference between this and the usual one we have.

Again this product is above what I would usually pay, mainly because for two children bathing nearly every day, we get through a lot of bath products! I would definitely get this for a future newborn though and these products would make lovely new baby, new mother or newly pregnant gifts!

You can find Ten products in some boots stores/online and at The RRP for both these products is £11 for 200ml.

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We were sent these products for review - all thoughts and words are my own.