Sunday, June 14, 2015

Organyc 'Sweet Caress' Baby Wipes - Review

Soft, luxurious and organic

I've used most brands of baby wipes on the market now. There are several I am not keen on and a few that are my 'must buy' ones on the shelf. We get through so many wipes in this house, it's rediculous! We use wipes for all sorts, so I do tend to buy them in bulk. The main thing I look for in a decent baby wipe is thickness, moistness, ease of pulling out the packet  - whilst also being gentle enough to not irritate baby's soft skin. The problem I have found with some wipes, is that although they do the job well enough, after a few days of use, baby's skin starts to get sore and we have to move brands. This problem isn't as bad with my daughter, but when my son  (now 3) was a baby we really struggled with some wipes.

I was sent some Sweet Caress organic baby wipes from Organyc to try with Baby S. For me they did tick all the boxes. These wipes are thick and made of 100% organic cotton, soft, gentle and caused no irritation or nappy rash. The wipes have a really nice soft 'baby bath' type smell to them which I really love. They come in a packet suitable for popping in a nappy bag and came out the packet easily which I love - especially with a super wriggly baby! They cleaned up mess perfectly and it was reassuring using something I knew contained no nasties, that could harm or irritate baby's skin. I also used these wipes on my face and for that purpose I would say they are easily the best I have tried and the nicest to use, with no stinging (most of them sting my sensitive skin!). These wipes were noticeably superior to most regular brands, but this quality does come at a price, with these retailing at £4.99 for a pack of 60. I usually pay around a pound a pack, so for me they are out of my price range for a regular baby buy, especially with the amount we get through. In terms of functionality, quality and peace of mind though - they are perfect. These wipes are also hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Overall I would recommend these to other parents if they are within your budget, or to buy as a brilliant daily freshening facial wipe for us mums!

You can find out more about Organyc product by visiting their website.

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