Saturday, June 13, 2015

Easy Summer Smoothie - Recipe

This is a quick, simple, filling and healthy smoothie/milkshake that is so easy to make, my three year old can make it all by himself, though I do supervise the blender part (it's good to keep all his little fingers!). It's so simple I can't really call it a recipe, but as it involves some sort of making and my son loves making it too I thought I would share. It's great for kids as it has no nasties, but it's also good for a full tum and a sweet fix if you are on a weight loss mission.

The amount you put in is really down to how much you want and your taste. Our style is usually to just chuck it in and see! But here it is in basic form;


Skimmed milk - large cup
Strawberries - large cup
Banana - One- I don't like it too ripe but its up to you!
Ice (optional)

(Serves a mama, toddler and baby in small measures!).

How to...

Add in whatever you like fruit wise, though strawberries work best for flavour. Peel and prepare fruit, Stick it all in the blender with the milk until its all broken down. I like to leave it in longer so that it gets super frothy and goes further.

And voilá!


If you want to, on a hot day (and you're not too fussed on calories) you can use vanilla ice cream too, to make it super sweet, thick and cold! Yum yum. You can also add sugar or sweetener if you want to. I don't add sugar but as I have cut down on sugar so much it seems sweet enough to me as it is. If you want to make it look like a super treat, top with a swirl of low fat spray cream and sprinkles! I'm yet to try freezing this into ice lollies, but I bet you could!

We tend to make this on a hot day as an alternative to having an ice cream and the kids love it!

Thanks for reading,