Saturday, June 06, 2015

Ding Dong! The Bells Are Gonna Chime...

Tomorrow we have a family wedding. My brother in law will marry his stunning fiancé. My fingers, eyes and toes are crossed that we all have a fun warm happy Prosecco filled afternoon!

The last family wedding, Pre baby!
I'm secretly hoping someone drinks too much and that maybe my brother in law singing his best man speech could be just a little hilarious if just maybe his trousers fell down or something like that, but let's not tell anyone.

So far, I have discovered that losing a stone in weight after buying my chosen outfit was a bad idea and that I will never go dress shopping with my husband again. Ever.

I have just spent the evening raiding my drawers only to settle (I think) on an outfit pretty similar to what I wear every single day, it's OK to wear black to weddings though now. Isn't it? Its even free of baby snot and food stains - so it's a total winner. I will decide in the morning though when I know what mood my body is in; pear shape or potato.

I will gain a new sister in law and a fellow female to balance out the sausage fest that is Christmas at the Waffle elders, the poor sod (insert evil knowing laugh). Great to have another player on my team though.

Now to bed to hopefully reduce the eye bags I currently sport and enjoy a few hours of overheating in this sauna of a bedroom before the exciting day begins tomorrow! Up at five to pack my extensive list of everything the baby may need in the day, suitcase clutch bag for me! Let the celebrations begin...

Thanks for reading,