Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Glossary of A

I noticed today, when the buzz of a blimp sized bumble bee arrived, that my son A referred to him as a bumble bee and not, as he always has done as a 'bum bum bee'. There are so many little words and expressions that A, like all children, uses as his own special unique and adorable misunderstanding of our lovely British language. I thought it was about time I noted some of these 'A-isms' down for the future, as my mind is deleting history as quickly as it's being made. A's language and speech is miles ahead for his age, but every now and then he still uses one of his confused toddler mumblings. I must say I love it and think it's beautiful. I will miss it when it's all gone. I call this 'The Glossary of A'.

Here are a just a few examples and the translations of the little words that he uses or has used since he began talking. I'm sure there will be a million more that I have forgotten! I will update as and when I remember them.

The Glossary Of A

Bum bum bee - bumble bee
Bungle bee - bumble bee (part two)
Bean storm - bean stalk
Manna - Nanna
Oboes - elbows
Twain -train
Crap/crapping - clap/clapping
Lubb - Love
Swindon - prison
Hipponoculous - hippopotamus
Submarina - semolina
Wawfuls - waffles
Mistakes - onions
Police station - play station
Sketty - spaghetti

I'm pleased to say that since I started writing this yesterday, another bee arrived and was referred to as a 'bungle bee' today - all is good in the world again!

Thanks for reading,