Monday, June 08, 2015

The 'E' word

Exercise - The dreaded 'E' Word 

The E word is one that usually makes me just want to walk quietly backwards, hide behind the sofa and find something sweet to chew on. 
It doesn't have to be a big strenuous venture though and we certainly don't need some big expensive gym to get a bit fitter. 

I always said that I would never run - unless I was being chased. Even then I would seriously consider an alternative! For some reason right now I actually have the urge to start, maybe it's reaching a size where I feel I would be a little less taunted by passers by? I'm not too sure.

It seems obvious, but the best and simplest way to get a little exercise into your life is to do some extra walking. So many people drive short distances or have things delivered to save a short walk. Walking is good for your body, your heart and your mind. Getting fresh air and some endorphins going works wonders. If you are not a fan of anything to do with the E word then I would certainly recommend giving it a try. Just a little extra  day will go a long way!

I'm 3.5 stone down since my baby was born last July and this is just down to sensible eating (most the time) and lots of extra walking! I used to find any excuse not to walk back up my hill, some days now I am up and down a few times and I have even managed to run up it, pure cray cray.

Get your comfy shoes on, get off that sofa and force yourself to take those steps, you will feel great for it and with weather like we are having at the moment, who needs a better excuse to get out and about! The kids and dog love it too. Don't have a dog? Ask your child to walk on all fours. Whatever works, get those extra steps done and enjoy.

Thanks for reading,